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Pretoria was first established in 1999 and has since developed a national reputation for providing superior, comprehensive and effective legal assistance. Since 1999 our specialty fields were divorce law, and banking law. We have prevented thousands of houses and cars from being repossessed. Since 2007 we are also one of the biggest debt counselling firms in South Africa. Assisting consumers with debt counselling and debt review.  Building on its core values of diversity and inclusion, the firm recently introduced extensive restructuring and rebranding to ensure long-term sustainability and accessibility.

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Divorce applications
Debt counselling applications
Insolvency applications
Prevented Repossession

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Debt counselling and Debt review by Registered NCR debt counsellors since 2007

Insolvency, sequestration, liquidation and rehabilitation since 1999

Preventing property and vehicle repossessions since 1999

Fast and affordable divorce applications in Pretoria

Quick and affordable trust registration services since 1999

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